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Campus technology support is provided by the UWM Help Desk. Support for instructors in the use of D2L and course design is provided by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. Guests of UWM should contact their UWM D2L account sponsor for assistance.

Help for students

Students should contact the UWM Help Desk for D2L assistance.

Contact the Help Desk

Help for instructors

Instructor should contact CETL for D2L assistance.

  • Instructors: D2L technical assistance, learning technology consultation, course design, clicker assistance
  • Instructors should direct all other technical questions to the UWM Help Desk
  • CETL hours, location, contact information
Contact CETL

Special access accounts

If you use a D2L sponsored account, your first point of contact is the instructor of your course, or the designated support office of your program.

  • School of Continuing Education
  • Lubar School of Business certificate programs
  • Guests of UWM from the community

Additional Support Options